I came to Megan for healing of the body and spirit. I admit I knew very little about reiki. Megan took the time to answer all of my questions and explain the process. She made it clear that she cares deeply about using her amazing gift to make the world a better place. Megan listens deeply and intuitively and provides healing right where you need it, even from afar. In our very first session, the healing energy was instantly recognizable and tremendously helpful. Our sessions get better and better. The healing has been a game changer. Highest possible recommendation and deepest gratitude to Megan.


Barry Bradford (Motivational Speaker, Chicago, IL)


Working with Megan makes me feel seen, grounded, and connected in ways I didn’t know existed! I love her and our sessions and she is now stuck with me forever! I had never done reiki before working with Megan. I found myself at my emotional and energetic limit with Covid, motherhood, and less stressors that happen pandemic or not. I feel grounded in our work and her insight. She gracefully balances the spiritual with real life, no BS, perspective. Working with Megan has transformed me.

Alissa Alter (Women’s Health Expert and Motherhood Advocate, Brooklyn, NY)



Reiki sessions with Megan have been a saving grace. I was in a very difficult place physically and emotionally when we started working together and she met me where I was at and helped calm my nervous system. As we've continued to work together she has balanced my energy, helped me heal,

improved my sleep and given me exercises to do on my own to enhance-accelerate the process. She is very intuitive and I always trust I'm in good hands when working with her.


Marisa Merlis (MELT coach and fitness expert, NY, NY)