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Why Reiki?


Massage, Chiropractics, Rolfing, Floating, Trapeze, I’ve done it all!  All of these healing methods (ok maybe not trapeze) are wonderful and absolutely worth exploring.


Unlike any other healing method, Reiki heals your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Often times we feel a pain in our knee so we go to the chiropractor to adjust it, which makes our physical body feel better. But often times, that pain isn’t just physical. It could have originally been caused by an emotional event that your physical body is holding onto in your knee, or vise versa. Reiki heals the emotional root of the pain and the physical expression of it, along with any mental blocks that might have occurred along the way. Reiki is also a perfect assist during chemotherapy, physical therapy, talk therapy, and pregnancy. The benefits of Reiki are endless!


What is Reiki? 


The word Reiki (pronounce ray-key) is comprised of two root words. Rei - meaning universal spiritual wisdom. And Ki - meaning vital life force energy.


We are all made up of and surrounded by the same energy that created the Universe and our planet. This energy can heal all living creatures.


A Reiki practitioner is connected to the energy through an attunement process. Then they can channel this energy through them and into the patient by physically laying their hands on them in a series of positions or remotely through visualization and intention. Reiki healing accesses the physical, mental, and emotional bodies so the result tends to be a sense of complete wellness.

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